Ah, That Basement Project

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Home Improvement

Spring is in the air, but AH the basement project remains undone. You know, that place where everything is misplaced and/or haphazardly thrown around. There’s no longer any need to panic when thinking of organizing the mess downstairs, because believe it or not, there are easy ways to consolidate everything.

Simply take it day by day, and soon you will have a basement you’ll actually want to spend time in.

Declutter in small, workable segments.
Step one to organizing any area of your home is to declutter. But when tackling your basement, this can be a daunting task with the amount of stuff there is to sort through. Instead of doing it all in one go, prioritize what needs to be done first and split up the mass decluttering into different days.

If your basement has different rooms, tackle the biggest section first, and work your way around to the other spaces. For a larger project such as this, don’t feel pressured to get everything done in one Saturday afternoon. This will also help you figure out what you plan on keeping before buying different storage options.

Organize like-items such as toys into bins.
Nothing is worse than walking down the stairs only to find a pile of toys or other small knick-knacks laying around. Clutter starts by leaving these items everywhere, so instead, create a system where toys and other items have a designated space that’s easy for kids to reach in and out of, while also keeping things neat. Those holiday items are better segregated as well.

Perhaps make the breaker box a DIY project.
Color coding or adding a decorative cover to your breaker box puts a personalized spin on a necessity that every home has. Whether fitting monogrammed fabric over the door or a chalkboard removable sticker, adding these touches makes this box seamlessly blend into the rest of your basement interior. Another do-it-yourself add-on is labeling the breaker switches with color coded stickers, so you know what switch turns on what in emergency situations.

Utilize plastic bins and totes.
Plastic bins are better for managing clutter than other options, like cardboard boxes, because plastic is less likely to become effected by water damage or mold. Putting everything in plastic bins also assures that the items you want to store stay concealed and organized. In case you ever need anything at a moment’s notice, be sure to also add labels, which will make everyone’s life easier. Moving? You are part of the way packed!

Consider adding shelves.
If you live in an area prone to rain damage, adding shelves on your basement walls keeps valuable items and books free from any damage leaks might cause. Shelves also add a level of functionality, yet still make the layout of the space appear well thought-out and orderly. 

Organizing your basement this winter doesn’t need to be a dreaded chore. Instead, turn this task into a snowed in day of fun with the family with the above suggestions to get the (snow)ball rolling.

Who’s with me? Let’s just get it done now before the weather call us outside!