Stage to Sell in Winter

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Tastefully decorate.

Use the wintery feel of these months to your advantage—even in warmer climates. Twinkly lights and elegant winter decor can instantly take your home up a notch. A pinecone wreath, seasonal flowers greenery, and other small landscaping touches could make all the difference to a potential buyer pulling up to your home.

Make it very welcoming and inviting.

The great thing about winter, is that, no matter where you live, it automatically beckons a cozy feeling into your life. Blankets, the possibility of snow, and a warm fire make you that much more excited for the season. Drape a few throw blankets and pillows on your couches, and light an unscented candle or two to embrace the toasty winter ambience.

Use natural elements.

Winter tends to get a bad rap for being dreary, dark, and cold, but there are ways to make the most of these months. Decorating is one way, but also you can bring light into your space by pulling back curtains and opening any blinds. Turn all the lights up and switch out darker lampshades for lighter colors as well!

Tidy up. 

Those wet gloves and muddy shoes lining the entryway won’t make the best first impression. Triple clean commonly used areas, especially places where debris from outside tends to get tracked in. Wipe down countertops, dust the trim, and vacuum rugs to freshen up. Place a shoe bin by the entrance and encourage visitors to take off their shoes before coming into your home.

Staging during the winter doesn’t have to be a dead end; instead, liven up your interior with these ideas and get a jump on the market when there is less competition.

Whether you would like a keen-detailed eye to bounce some ideas, ready to explore your home's market value or have some curiosity on moving ANYWHERE, I would be happy to pay you a visit to get you up to speed and ahead of the game. I will bring the hot cocoa!